2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 6

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 6

Table of Contents

  1. Organizational support, organizational justice and citizenship behavior in local applied universities in Anhui, China: Basis for employee performance improvement framework
    Wang, Hui
  2. Personal skills, career needs and employment capability of university Chinese students: Basis for career development program
    Zhu, Zhiwen
  3. E-commerce promotional strategies, digital generation buying behavior and purchase intention: Inputs to online shopping platform improvement model
    Zhang, Jingjing
  4. Electronic word of mouth (EWoM), brand image and consumer’s purchase intention: Basis for purchase decision model
    Zhang, Xinxin
  5. Corporate image, customer satisfaction and loyalty among customers in air conditioner industry: Basis for customer relationship management model
    Wu, Qingqing
  6. Employee happiness work engagement and work performance: Basis for human resource development plan
    Lui, Dongyang
  7. Management responsibilities, service quality and customer satisfaction: Inputs to business performance improvement framework
    Guo, Yuli
  8. Leadership style, corporate social responsibility and corporate performance in pharmaceutical enterprise: Inputs to customer retention strategies
    Deng, Jie
  9. E-commerce enterprise brand image, seller’s reputation and consumers’ purchasing intention: Basis for online buying platform improvement framework
    Zhang, Huizhen
  10. Learning behavior, organizational atmosphere and employee innovation performance: Basis for learning and development culture framework
    Wang, Yanqiu
  11. Organizational learning, knowledge management capability and organizational innovation performance: Basis for learning organizational framework
    Zhou, Shuangyan
  12. Green dynamic capability, business model innovation and new venture performance: Inputs to green manufacturing innovation framework
    Xing, Weichen
  13. Tourism empowerment, community participation and shared value creation: Basis for developing rural tourism integration framework
    Zheng, Huajun
  14. Supply chain management practices, competitive advantages and business performance of small and medium enterprises in China: Basis to develop an improved supply chain management framework
    Gong, Can
  15. Assessment of student outcomes for bachelor of science in international hospitality management specialized in Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRA) of academic year 2013-2017
    Felicen, Sevillia S.