2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 5

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 11, Issue Number 5

Table of Contents

  1. Makabagong istratehiya sa pagtuturo ng akademikong Filipino: Pagsilip sa bagong kadawyan
    Gile, Ianne; Certiza, Melbert; Medez, Mia; Aniag, Elizabeth; Gelilio, Eric
  2. Effects of VOICES strategy in the performance of grade three learners in science
    Bautista, Cecilia
  3. Pananaw sa same sex marriage: Lalim at pagdalumat
    Derilo, Mylene; Serias, Francis; Gajo, Raymart; Halamani, Cris; Gelilio, Eric
  4. Online learning sa panahon ng pandemya
    Jazo, Kathleen Mae; Borlagdan, Jessica; Fernicol, Joysie; Rivero, Jerome; Gelilio, Eric
  5. Online class sa bagong kadawyan: Isang paglalatag ng mga karanasan
    Gallega, Myka; Guyala, Catherine; Formento, Mark Lester; Gamba, Angelo; Gelilio, Eric
  6. The meander: A narrative inquiry into a foreigner who became a Filipino
    Cuyacot, Eljim P.; Cuyacot, Marilo T.; Deligero, Jilliane A.; Gaje Jr., Jose M.; Gitgano, Rubilyn; Magpatoc, Argie G.; Malasarte, Leslie
  7. Let’s play board game together: How board games benefit child development and learning
    Jang, Li-Fen; Tan, Wai Gie
  8. Pre-modification of noun phrases in the writings of students in Ghanaian colleges of education
    Frempong, Clara Ofosua; Anani, Gifty Edna; Ayitey, Henry Kwao; Agbaglo, Ebenezer
  9. A quantitative method study on Finch (2006)’s taxonomy in investigating students’ autonomy in modernism and postmodernism concepts: Which one promotes students’ autonomy in classroom?
    Norouzi Larsari, Vahid
  10. Pagdalumat sa kasanayang komunikatibo sa panahon ng bagong kadawyan
    Especial, Mary Ann; Melitante, Mary Anne; Janer, Susan
  11. Fostering autonomous learning in a science classroom among under-credited over age students: An inquiry action research
    Gitgano, Rubilyn L.; Cuyacot, Eljim P.; Cuyacot, Marilo T.; Sol Cruz, Florlilinda L.
  12. Questioning techniques of teachers and speaking ability of students
    Muico, Earl Jones; Guino, Kent Louis Victor; Mamulang, Ralf Levi