2012 IJRSC – Volume 1 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Computing
Volume 1, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Computer Science Research

  1. Including the digital divas: Female representation in ICT programs at the University of Cape Coast
    Ayebi-Arthur, Kofi; Dora, Baaba Aidoo; Aheto, Simon-Peter Kafui
  2. Content and process concepts relevant to computer science education: A cross-cultural study
    Zendler, Andreas; McClung, O. William; Klaudt, Dieter

Computer Science Resources

  1. Time–delay single layer artificial neural network models for estimating shelf life of burfi
    Goyal, Sumit; Goyal, Gyanendra Kumar
  2. Strong fault-tolerant conflict-free coloring (Strong FTCF Coloring) for intervals
    Singhal, Vinay Kumar; Rastogi, Akanksha