2015 IJRSLL – Volume 4 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 4, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Less-skilled learners benefit more from metacognitive instruction to develop listening comprehension
    Bozorgian, Hossein
  2. Study of Iranian English language teachers’ familiarity with language functions in request, apology, refusal, and greeting
    Valipour, Sanaz; Jadidi, Saleh
  3. A quantitative analysis of Iranian EFL learners’ sources of written errors
    Rostami Abusaeedi, Ali Asghar; Boroomand, Faezeh
  4. Effects of unenhanced, enhanced, and elaborated input on learning English phrasal verbs
    Birjandi, Parviz; Alavi, Seyed Mohammed; Najafi Karimi, Shaban
  5. An analytical evaluation of Aviation English textbook
    Khosravany Fard, Hamid; Khosravany Fard, Hamed; Khosravany Fard, Ali; Baghi, Bibi Ashraf
  6. Assessing speaking ability in academic context: Focusing on a mixed methods approach
    Simin, Shahla; Tavakoli, Mansoor
  7. Exploring relationships with grade level, gender and language proficiency in the foreign language learning strategy use of children and early adolescents
    Platsidou, Maria; Sipitanou, Athena

Language Resources

  1. Importance of grammar in communication
    Praise, Samuel; Meenakshi, K.