2016 IJRSE – Volume 5 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 5, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. The Filipino learner: A socioemotional perspective
    Rungduin, Teresita T.; Reyes, Zenaida Q.
  2. Motivation categories in college students’ learning engagement behaviors and outcomes in Taiwan: An application of cluster analysis
    Hsieh, Tzu-Ling
  3. Perceptions and relationships to school resources and academic achievement: Implications for the principal as instructional leader
    Boudreaux, Mary Keller; Martin, Rosalind; McNeal, Larry
  4. Teachers’ perspectives on professional learning communities in some Arab countries
    Al-Mahdy, Yasser F. Hendawy; Sywelem, Mohamed M. Ghoneim
  5. The definition and task of mediating Sámi research
    Sarivaara, Erika; Keskitalo, Pigga

Educational Resources

  1. Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS): A policy analysis
    Iftekhar, Syed Nitas; Kayombo, Joel Jonathan
  2. Impact of quality assurance initiative on Pakistani universities
    Usmani, Muhammad Abdul Wahid; Khatoon, Suraiya
  3. The effect of semantically related and unrelated vocabularies on EFL learners’ short-term and long term recognition and retention
    Ebrahimi, Marzieh; Akbari, Omid