2016 IJRSLL – Volume 5 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 5, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Validating a context-specific teacher critical pedagogy questionnaire
    Roohani, Ali; Hashemian, Mahmood; Haghparast, Shahrzad
  2. A critical discourse analysis approach to ideology reflected in three main English newspapers published in Iran
    Salehi, Hadi; Shojaee, Mohammad
  3. The effect of inference-making, deduction, and self-monitoring on EFL learners’ language achievement, reading, and writing ability
    Bagheri, Fahimeh; Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh
  4. On the relationship between critical thinking and indirect request strategy use of EFL learners
    Rahimi, Masoud
  5. From ESA to ESCAPE: A conceptual model for teaching English in vocational higher education
    Musdariah, Andi; Anas, Ismail; Muchtar, Naely
  6. Language learning strategy use of English FL learners in Greek schools: The role of school type and educational level
    Gavriilidou, Zoe; Petrogiannis, Konstantinos

Language Resource

  1. Manipulation in Drama translation: A case study of Waiting for Godot
    Vasheghani Farahani, Mehrdad; Arbabi, Maryam

Language Brief

  1. Exploring classroom discourse: Language in action by Steve Walsh (2011)
    Kia Heirati, Javad; Kia Heirati, Hamideh