2014 IJRSP – Volume 3 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 3, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. Prevalence, types, distribution and associations of psychosocial problems among university students in Uganda
    Nsereko, Norman David; Musisi, Seggane; Nakigudde, Janet; Ssekiwu, Denis
  2. Some psycho-social factors fostering workplace commitment among head teachers in Nigeria
    Ogungbamila, Bolanle; Fayankinnu, Emmanuel A.
  3. Teaching students the traits that matter in Taiwan: A structured conceptualization approach
    Chen, Yu-Li
  4. Effective vocabulary recall based on episodic and semantic memory types across genders
    Firoozalizadeh, Mehri; Siyyari, Masood
  5. Breaking through the bondage of abuse: Case studies of six Filipino battered women
    Abulon, Edna Luz R.
  6. The efficacy of art therapy to reduce anxiety among bullying victims
    Safaria, Triantoro; Yunita, Astrid
  7. The relationship between attachment styles and alexithymia: Mediating role of self-regulation
    Besharat, Mohammad Ali; Salimian Rizi, Mohammad Mehdi
  8. Sexual disorders and right-wing authoritarianism in Indonesian boarding school
    Khaerina, Shabrina Septya; Abraham, Juneman