2018 IJRSE – Volume 7 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 7, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. An assessment of the chemistry laboratory learning environments and teacher student interactions at the higher secondary level
    Gupta, Adit; Sharma, Anita
  2. TORCH: An instructional model from FS praxis
    Montebon, Darryl Roy T.; Calamlam, Josephine M.; Varela, Leonora P.
  3. Pupils’ primary school achievements in Northern Finland
    Keskitalo, Pigga; Paksuniemi, Merja
  4. Measuring training participants’ changing performance using self-reporting methods and their implication in the Grameen Bank training evaluation
    Rouf, Kazi Abdur
  5. Shadow education in Beijing: Determinants and disparities from the perspectives of the students
    Malik, Muhammad Abid; Liu, Baocun
  6. Impact of socio-demographic factors on job satisfaction among academic staff of universities in Ghana
    Milledzi, Eugene Yaw; Amponsah, Mark Owusu; Asamani, Lebbaeus
  7. Evaluating the pedagogical quality of international summer courses in a university program
    Lakkala, Minna; Ilomäki, Liisa; Mikkonen, Pauliina; Muukkonen, Hanni; Toom, Auli
  8. Students’ perspectives on buying private tuition services
    Sandy, William