International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology

IJRSET Volume 5, Issue Number 1

Educational Technology Research

  1. A model of how children construct knowledge and understanding of engineering design within robotics focused contexts
    Yuen, Timothy T.; Stone, Jennifer; Davis, Don G.; Gomez, Alvaro; Guillen, Adrienne; Price Tiger, Erin; Boecking, Melanie
  2. The paradox of ICT integration in secondary education in Tanzania: Assessment of teachers’ ICT knowledge and skills in Tanga and Mwanza regions
    Kayombo, Joel Jonathan; Mlyakado, Budeba Petro
  3. Retention of English sentences learned by reading aloud using Text-To-Speech (TTS) speech sounds: A longitudinal study in a Japanese high school
    Kataoka, Harumi; Ito, Makiko; Yamane, Shigeru
  4. Improvisation in teaching physics concepts: Teachers’ experiences and perceptions
    Kira, Ernest; Nchunga, Ayubu
  5. The use of computers by primary school pupils in Morogoro, Tanzania
    Komba, Sotco Claudius; David, Ndinagwe
  6. Faculty attitude and use of ICT in instructional delivery in tertiary institutions in a developing nation
    Onwuagboke, Bede Blaise Chukwunyere; Singh, Termit Kaur Ranjit
  7. The potential of integrating social media as a learning tool among international graduate students in Beijing
    Kayange, Jimmy Jaston; Msiska, Masauko
  8. Teachers’ perceptions of the use of multimedia in teaching English in official and non-official language learning settings
    Razavi, Azam; Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh; Akbari, Omid

IJRSET Volume 5, Issue Number 2

Educational Technology Research

  1. The effect of video materials on EFL learners’ oral production: A task-based approach
    Fazilatfar, Ali Mohammad; Mohebbi, Leila; Modrek, Mahdi
  2. Comparison between university undergraduates and school teachers’ perceptions on the role of information technology in teaching and learning in Morogoro municipality
    Kira, Ernest Simon
  3. Student perceptions of distance learning at advanced level in Zimbabwe
    Gomba, Clifford
  4. Improving EFL learners’ English skills through computer-mediated language strategy
    Yoon, Tecnam
  5. Effects of using Instagram on learning grammatical accuracy of word classes among Iranian undergraduate TEFL students
    Yadegarfar, Hanieh; Simin, Shahla
  6. Relationship between attitude towards using new technologies and teaching effectiveness
    Kant, Ravi
  7. Unmonitored students self-created WhatsApp groups in distance learning environments: A collaborative learning tool or cheating technique
    Alghamdi, Emad A.; Rajab, Hussam; Rashid Shah, Sayyed

Educational Technology Resources

  1. ICT for post-2015 education: An analysis of access and inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa
    Tsegay, Samson Maekele