2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 8

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 11, Issue Number 8

Table of Contents

  1. A qualitative comparative report on five educational systems: Spain, Turkey, Finland, Czech Republic and Islamic Republic of Iran
    Norouzi Larsari, Vahid; Wildová, Radka
  2. Contextualized instructional materials in teaching reading and writing skills
    Atondo, Hector B.
  3. Compensation practices toward employee satisfaction among selected BPO’s
    Chico, Amelie L.; Macarayo, Bryan L.; Gulayan, Leyreibel O.; Cero, Sandrex Joi R.
  4. MTB-MLE instruction: Language teacher in focus
    Gomez, Dan
  5. Gawing pagkatutong pangwika at ang motibastyong pangwika ng mga mag-aaral
    Dipolog, Susan
  6. Mother tongue based – multilingual education in the Philippines: Its challenges and implications in bilingualism
    Gomez, Dan
  7. Fostering extrovert-introvert EFL learners’ vocabulary learning and retention through reading aloud technique
    Darvishi Koolai, Zahra
  8. From mountains to the city: A biographical description of Samantha’s education
    Lu, Hayden
  9. Listening anxiety and listening comprehension among 3rd year BSED-English students of UM Panabo College
    Chico, Amelie L.; Bulfango, Lester John B.; Dawal, Lynie Luza T.; Damaso, Ghen Dominic
  10. God’s divine mercy and compassion as Incarnational: A practical theology in the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic
    Nguyen, Thuy Bao Tran
  11. Assessment on the readiness of students in online education: A case of UM Panabo College
    Chico, Amelie L.
  12. Teaching styles in relation to 21st century learning and innovation skills of students
    Ligan, Henry C.; Tacadena, Jeanilyn E.