2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 12

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 11, Issue Number 12

Table of Contents

  1. Functionality of the family system within families with disabled children
    Popovska Nalevska, Gorica; Popovski, Filip; Dimova Popovska, Hristina
  2. A study on the compatibility between EFL learners’ preferred learning styles and teachers’ teaching styles: Colleges of teachers’ education in Oromia, Ethiopia
    Geleta, Aliye; Teshome, Zeleke; Zewdie, Mekuria
  3. Blended learning delivery modality for learning science subjects in STEM track curriculum of senior high schools
    Raza, Relyn
  4. Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) of grade 11 mathematics teachers
    Ambrose, Benjamin L.; Lorente, Richard M.
  5. An overview of development of French and English language education throughout Iran: Political, economic, social, and military aspects
    Norouzi Larsari, Vahid
  6. Monitoring schemes in child protection policy implementation in an elementary school: Implications for child-friendly schools of future
    Sapul, Jasmine C.
  7. Odyssey to a peaceful repose: A review into the role of ICU nurses during COVID-19
    Jimenez, O-Jay B.; Trajera, Sheilla M.
  8. Role of arithmetic principles and operations in understanding students’ mathematics performance
    Raza, Jose Mari
  9. Milieu of English language use in industrial-technical classrooms: Implication for intervention and policy formulation
    Azarias, Ranec A.
  10. The effect of collaborative writing on Iranian high-school students’ vocabulary development: Comparing group and individual work
    Hassasi, Karim; Abolhassani, Azam
  11. The role of parental safety perceptions for the future of family tourism
    Bertolucci, Saverio Francesco
  12. Pagsusuri ng mga alamat tungo sa pagbuo ng materyal sa MTB-MLE
    Magno, Jelyn M.