2013 IJRSLL – Volume 2 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 2, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. The relationship between language learning strategies and thinking styles of Iranian EFL learners
    Mahmood Khodae Balestane, Hossein Hashemnezhad, & Shahrooz Javidi
  2. The English split infinitive: A comparative study of learner corpora
    Supakorn Phoocharoensil
  3. The chronotopical nature of identity construction: Case studies of narrative identities of EFL teachers
    Azar Hosseini Fatemi, Reza Pishghadam, Mohammad Reza Hashemi, & Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adel
  4. Investigating cross-linguistic differences in refusal speech act among native Persian and English speakers
    Mohammad Ghazanfari, Alireza Bonyadi, & Shirin Malekzadeh
  5. Emerging identities of adult language learners in their socialization in ESL programs
    Juhi Kim
  6. Topic familiarity, passage sight vocabulary, and L2 lexical inferencing: An investigation in the Iranian EFL context
    Sara Atef-Vahid, Parviz Maftoon, & Keivan Zahedi

Language Resources

  1. Literature stance in developing critical thinking: A pedagogical look
    Mohammad Khatib & Nima Shakouri
  2. Politeness markers in English for business purposes textbook
    Minoo Alemi & Sajedeh Razzaghi