2013 IJRSP – Volume 2 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 2, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. Therapist adherence to a treatment manual influences outcome and dropout rates: Results from a multicenter randomized clinical CBT trial for panic disorder with agoraphobia
    Hauke, Christina; Gloster, Andrew T.; Gerlach, Alexander; Hamm, Alfons; Deckert, Jürgen; Fehm, Lydia; Alpers, Georg W.; Kircher, Tilo; Ströhle, Andreas; Arolt, Volker; Wittchen, Hans-Ulrich
  2. The emergence of Filipino values among forgiveness studies
    Rungduin, Darwin C.; Rungduin, Teresita T.
  3. Impulsive buying, cultural values dimensions, and symbolic meaning of money: A study on college students in Indonesia’s capital city and its surrounding
    Dameyasani, Aulia Wika; Abraham, Juneman
  4. Role of trust in marital satisfaction among single and dual-career couples
    Atta, Mohsin; Adil, Adnan; Shujja, Sultan; Shakir, Sabira