2012 IJRSP – Volume 1 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 1, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. The basis of children’s trust towards their parents in Java, ngemong: Indigenous psychological analysis
    Mochammad Abdul Hakim, Haidar Buldan Thontowi, Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti, & Uichol Kim
  2. Psychosocial factors as predictors of early onset ischemic heart disease in a sample of Pakistani women
    Rafia Rafique & Naumana Amjab
  3. Back to life: How to use positive psychology to beat anorexia?
    Marika Savukoski, Kaarina Määttä, & Satu Uusiautti
  4. What make teenagers happy? An exploratory study using indigenous psychology approach
    Ardi Primasari & Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti
  5. Experiencing and managing type 1 diabetes mellitus for adolescents in Indonesia: An integrated phenomenology and indigenous psychological analysis
    Nice Maylani Asril & Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti

Psychological Resources

  1. Looking into the issues of rewards and punishment in students
    Gregory S. Ching
  2. Adolescent’s self-concept: Understanding the role of gender and academic competence
    Sangeeta Rath & Sumitra Nanda
  3. Emotional intelligence through the Bhagavad-Gita
    Gayathri & K. Meenakshi