2017 IJRSP – Volume 6 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
Volume 6, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Psychological Research

  1. What does it take to forgive? Predictors of forgiveness among Filipino late adolescents
    De Leon, Monica Sophia L.; Lopez, Gilda D.
  2. Relationship between self-esteem and loneliness among university students living in hostels
    Ishaq, Ghulam; Solomon, Vicar; Khan, Omar
  3. Fears and hopes of parents in developing the social-emotional aspects of their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    Domalanta, Mary Ann B.; Manching, Mary Joy B.; Manguhan, Regine P.; Mapalo, Darleen Joy P.; Marino, Marina V.; Maxion, Djelyla B.; Mayam, Julie Rose R.
  4. An exploration of EFL teachers’ job satisfaction in the light of stress coping strategies and emotional intelligence
    Ferdowsi, Naeemeh; Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh
  5. The effect of marital status on psychological distress among single and partnered mothers in Ghana: The moderating role of employment status
    Opoku Mensah, Abigail; Asamani, Lebbaeus; Asumeng, Maxwell
  6. Religiosity: Development of religious cognitive schemas and religious faith
    Proios, Miltiadis; Dianni, Maria; Samara, Eleni; Syropoulos, Dimitrios
  7. Adventitious blindness: The road to self-acceptance
    Catama, Bryan V.; Del Castillo, Alayla Louise A.; Espino, Athena Grace S.; Beleo, Melanie K.; Blanca, Leda Mae V.; Bunagan, Moira Angela B.; Cruz, Eliel Dhenise M.
  8. Does text familiarity predict schema automation to reduce Working Memory Capacity constraints for enhanced reading comprehension? A study from Ghana
    Ntim, Stephen