2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 3, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Proceduralization, transfer of training and retention of knowledge as a result of output practice
    Mehrnoosh, Fakharzadeh; Manijah, Youhanaee; Daryoush, Nejadansari
  2. The relative significance of lexical richness and syntactic complexity as predictors of academic reading performance
    Karami, Mehdi; Salahshoor, Farzad
  3. Article choice by Persian EFL learners: Evidence against the Fluctuation Hypothesis?
    Momenzade, Marjansadat; Youhanaee, Manijeh; Kassaian, Zohreh
  4. Motivation and learner variables: Group differences in college foreign language learners’ motivations
    Sung, Ko-Yin; Tsai, Hsiao-Mei
  5. Evaluation of ESP textbooks: Evidence from ESP textbook of computer engineering major
    Danaye Tous, Maryam; Haghighi, Sara
  6. The role of goal-setting theory on Iranian EFL learners’ motivation and self-efficacy
    Hosseini Fatemi, Azar; Pishghadam, Reza; Vahidnia, Fatemeh
  7. The impact of small group interaction on learners’ grammatical accuracy achievement
    Assia, Baghdadi; Said, Keskes

Language Resources

  1. An evaluation of Top Notch fundamental A and B
    Tavakol, Mahboobeh; Sayadian, Sima