2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 6, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. An investigation of discourse cohesion in Indian male-female causal narration
    Nagaraj, Hema; Singh, Nidhi; Ponnuchamy, Vishali; Thotathil, Jijina
  2. Intercultural identity transformations among Japanese learners of English
    Capobianco, Paul
  3. Examining the use of best practices and challenges in teaching listening comprehension in Swaziland
    Hlatshwayo, Sthembile; Mthethwa, Patrick
  4. A different perspective to define language learning strategies
    Di Carlo, Sergio
  5. A self-determination theory approach to technology-enhanced out-of-class language learning intention: A case of Japanese EFL learners
    Fathali, Somayeh; Okada, Takeshi
  6. Language learning difficulties of selected foreign students in National University, Philippines
    Ancheta, Jeffrey Rosario; Perez, Cristopherson Arce
  7. Dialogic positioning in Iranian versus Western media coverage of the Iranian nuclear issue
    Ghane, Mohammad Hossein; Allami, Hamid; Mahdavirad, Fatemeh
  8. Comparing metadiscourse markers employed in English and Persian online headlines
    Yazdani, Akram; Salehi, Hadi