2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 11

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 11

Table of Contents

  1. Impact of human capital sustainability leadership on work engagement and job satisfaction in the hotels industry
    Po, Sarah M.
  2. The effect of human resource practices on employee retention in food manufacturing industry in the Philippines: The moderating role of the work environment
    Jiang, Min; Po, Sarah M.
  3. Compliance to total quality management in one Philippine province
    Asi, Mirelle A.; Adaya, Rosendo
  4. Tourism industry in the province of Batangas: Basis for development
    Maneja, Marinela Jade M.; Tamayo, Ma. Rosario
  5. Emotional intelligence and employee engagement: Basis for a proposed faculty engagement enhancement
    Magnaye, Remedios P.; Mendoza, Evangeline; Mendoza, Filomena
  6. Service quality and student satisfaction in one Chinese university
    Li, Yanhua; Pateña, Annalie D.
  7. Motivational intention on motorcycle tourism in the attractions of Bicol region
    Relloso, Flordeliza S.
  8. Service quality and guests’ behavioral intentions among resorts in Batangas province
    Torralba, Caroline A.; Ylagan, Alex D.
  9. Local government response during the COVID-19 pandemic in one city in the Peoples Republic of China
    Li, Yuanyuan; Tamayo, Ma. Rosario B.
  10. Implementation of the socialized housing system in a second tier coastal city of the People’s Republic of China
    Wang, Shuai; Tamayo, Ma. Rosario B.
  11. Emerging trends and challenges in CALABARZON’s hotel industry: Informing tourism and hospitality development strategy
    Hernandez, Jennifer Z.; Alcala, Lucky Boy M.; Alcaraz, Kaycee Drell G.; De Vero, Florenda J.
  12. Leadership brand and management effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic: Basis for management development plan
    Javier, Esmenia R.; Dacut, Sergel
  13. Travel motivation and intention mediated by destination image of Quezon province
    Andaya, Marlon; Apritado, Jennie Margaret
  14. Environmental practices of hotels on the formation of guest value and intentions: Inputs to environmentally friendly hotel framework in Bicol Region
    Carumba – Carilo, Maruja S.; Apritado, Jennie Margaret