Motivational intention on motorcycle tourism in the attractions of Bicol region

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 11

Available Online: 10 October 2023


Relloso, Flordeliza S.
Central Bicol State University of Agriculture Calabanga Campus, Philippines (


Motorcycle tourism has received little attention in academic studies. Therefore, the present study attempts to demonstrate the motorcycle tourist’s motivational intention to visit destinations in Bicol Region in terms of: Adventure Tourism (AT), Ecotourism (ET), Emotional Reasons (ER), Family Reasons (FR), Physical Response (PY), and Status (ST). The researcher was able to test the significant difference when grouped according to profile variables and the significant relationship among given variables using the Shapiro-Wilk, Mann-Whitney U test, and Kruskal Wallis. There was a total of 384 respondents and only the tourists engaged in motorcycle riding within the Bicol region are considered as part of the population sample. Results showed that most motorcycle-traveling tourists are in their twenties and thirties, married, and traveling with their friends as their travel companions. When pertaining to the significant relationship of the given variables, the motivational and attitudinal drivers of the tourism and hospitality business can potentially improve the 5A’s of Tourism. The study also recognizes the fundamental importance of safety and security in creating a positive destination experience. Motorcycle tourists need assurance that their well-being is protected throughout their journey, therefore, it is recommended that government entities should take part in promulgating the safety and security interventions.

Keywords: adventure tourism, hedonism, motorcycle riding, public hazard



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Relloso, F. S. (2023). Motivational intention on motorcycle tourism in the attractions of Bicol region. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(11), 73-87.