From mountains to the city: A biographical description of Samantha’s education

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 8

Available Online:  21 April 2022


Lu, Hayden
University of Mindanao, Philippines (


This study aimed to present, narrate and analyze the experiences of a student in schooling, life, success, goals and desires. This investigation intended to find out to which any community standard of living can affect the student’s education in a community. This qualitative study employed a biographical narrative approach with qualitative response in which the researcher used in-depth interview in data gathering. This was done through a collection of data on the personal life of individual experience and views especially for sensitive matters. The result of the study revealed that the informant faced challenges in life and education such as financial problems, language, hunger and even being deprived with opportunities but he never let these challenges hinder his desires and goals to succeed in life. Instead, he used these challenges to strive harder. He learned to have a positive attitude, talk to his family and have proper time management in order to achieve his goals in life. Challenges can really affect a student’s performance when it comes to life and school. But the informant always bears in mind that there are ways to overcome these challenges and help him achieve his goals in life. Obstacles are there to shape us and be a lesson to improve ourselves.

Keywords: applied linguistics, poverty, education, biographical inquiry, Philippines



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Lu, H. (2022). From mountains to the city: A biographical description of Samantha’s education. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(8), 87-96.