Contextualized instructional materials in teaching reading and writing skills

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 8

Available Online:  4 April 2022


Atondo, Hector B.
Tabaco National High School / Bicol University, Philippines (


K to 12 highlights contextualized teaching to improve learning of the target competencies in a specific subject. With contextualization, teachers can present the lesson in a more meaningful and relevant context based on the learner’s previous experiences and real-life situations. Using a mixed method of descriptive quantitative and qualitative research design, the researcher’s purpose was to provide contextualized instructional materials for teaching Reading and Writing Skills after determining the extent of contextualization of instructional materials used by teachers in Tabaco City Division. Specifically, this study answered the questions: What are the instructional materials used by the teachers of Tabaco City Division in teaching Reading and Writing Skills? What is the extent of contextualization found in the instructional materials used by teachers? and, what contextualized supplemental material may be proposed for teaching Reading and Writing Skills? Results showed that the teachers in Tabaco City Division who teach Reading and Writing Skills subject used five reference books, and two teachers resorted to other materials, which they indicated as online materials. As to the extent of contextualization in these instructional materials along appropriateness, relevance, applicability and localization, it was rated 2.04 interpreted as moderate extent of contextualization. Thus, a contextualized teacher’s guide which was the output of the study was proposed as a good supplemental material in teaching of Reading and Writing Skills subject. This may not only help students in learning the subject matters but also foster awareness among them about the rich and endearing history and culture of Tabaqueños and Bicolanos alike.

Keywords: reading and writing skills, contextualization, instructional materials, K to 12



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