2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 6

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 3, Issue Number 6
September 2014 Special Issue

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Exploring the effect of the model of metacognitive instruction on the listening performance of EFL learners
    Fahim, Mansoor; Fakhri Alamdari, Ebrahim
  2. The effect of metacognitive instruction on improving listening comprehension ability of intermediate EFL learner
    Latifi, Mehdi; Tavakoli, Mansoor; Dabaghi, Azizollah
  3. An empirical study into the effects of Iranian test takers’ personal attributes on their TOEFL scores: Reading, writing, and listening in focus
    Amiryousefi, Mohammad; Tavakoli, Mansoor
  4. The effectiveness of advance organizers versus textual enhancement on learning inchoatives and unaccusatives
    A’lipour, Javad; Youhanaee, Manijeh; Barati, Hossein
  5. Multiple intelligences and their representation in the EFL young learners’ textbooks
    Estaji, Masoomeh; Nafisi, Mahdieh
  6. Constructing and validating the self-efficacy scale for English language learners’ textbooks through Rasch measurement model
    Hamedi, Seyyedeh Mina; Pishghadam, Reza; Ghazanfari, Mohammad
  7. Burnout and teaching style among Iranian English language educators in public schools and private institutes: A cross-comparison study
    Hosseini Fatemi, Azar; Raoufi, Reyhane

Language Resources

  1. English teaching material development as an alternative source in teaching English at junior high schools
    Suwarni, Sri; Tarjana, Sri Samiati; Slamet, St. Y; Ngadiso