The effectiveness of advance organizers versus textual enhancement on learning inchoatives and unaccusatives

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 6


A’lipour, Javad*
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Youhanaee, Manijeh
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Barati, Hossein
University of Isfahan, Iran (


This study was an attempt to investigate the effectiveness of advance organizers and textual Enhancement (TE) on the acquisition of inchoative and unaccusative verbs by EFL learners. A hundred EFL Persian-speaking learners in four intact classes constituted the groups. One of the experimental groups was exposed to Intralingual advance organizers (Intra-AOs). The second group received Interlingual advance organizers (Inter-AOs), and the third one was presented with textually enhanced material. The results of the study indicated that with unaccusative verbs, the TE and Intra-AO groups outperformed the Inter-AO group, with a statistically significant difference. With inchoative verbs, on the other hand, all the experimental groups performed similarly well with no significant difference between and among them. The implications of the results for theory and practice are discussed.

Keywords: inchoative verbs; interlingual advance organizers (Inter-AOs); intralingual advance organizers (Intra-AOs); passivization; textual enhancement (TE); unaccusative verbs



*Corresponding Author