The effect of metacognitive instruction on improving listening comprehension ability of intermediate EFL learners

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 6


Latifi, Mehdi*
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Tavakoli, Mansoor
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Dabaghi, Azizollah
University of Isfahan, Iran (


The present study investigated the effectiveness of metacognitive instruction on the improvement of listening comprehension ability of EFL learners. Sixty EFL Persian-speaking constituted the groups; a High Skilled Group (HSG), a Less Skilled Group (LSG), and a Control Group (CG). The results of the posttest indicated that there was a significant difference between all groups, and that the treatment was considerably effective. The High and Less Skilled groups outperformed the other group being the Control Group, on the posttest. Besides, although there was no significant difference between the High and Less Skilled learners on the post test, the Less Skilled learners had the most significant improvement by considering their pretest results and the extent to which they managed to improve. The findings of the study led us to conclude that Less Skilled learners make a noticeable progress via metacognitive instruction. It should also be noted that the intervention resulted in a significant improvement for the High skilled learners as well, but to a lesser extent.

Keywords: high skilled listeners; less skilled listeners; listening comprehension; metacognitive instruction



*Corresponding Author