2024 IJRSM – Volume 12 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 12, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

  1. “Internet Plus” home care management model for community elderly in China
    Xue, Lian Du
  2. The caring attributes of Filipino nurses working abroad utilizing the CASAGRA Transformative Model
    Alcaraz, Joyce T.
  3. Challenges during transition period in pandemic settings among new nurses
    Delgado, Mhayzel Brillantes
  4. Resort attributes, brand equity and behavioral intention of resort guests in CALABARZON
    Mosquera, Lawrence James A., Ylagan, Alex D.
  5. Teamwork atmosphere, team diversity and team leadership: Basis for team effectiveness framework
    Hao, Jin
  6. Professional competency, professional identity, perceived organizational support of college teacher: Input to effective career management framework
    Yang, Limin
  7. Level of competency in palliative care nursing in the preparation to nurse certification of the Department of Health
    Balmes, Rachel R.
  8. Teacher quality and students’ achievement emotions in Chinese primary and secondary schools
    Lin, Jiudanping
  9. Emerging technologies adoption and market positioning of AI products in China
    Kai, Pang; Generoso, Marc Joseph Ian A., II
  10. Cross border e-commerce platforms, logistics services and challenges: Basis for efficiency framework for cross border e-commerce industries
    Yan, Peng
  11. Leadership style employee job satisfaction and organizational culture: Basis for employee innovation behavior framework
    Hao, Sun
  12. Social media marketing, customer relationship management strategies, and e-commerce strategies: Basis for marketing performance framework
    Xue, Jingjing
  13. Service performance, marketing strategies, and business sustainability in agri-coops in Calabarzon: Model for cooperatives’ operation
    Reyes, Hazel D.
  14. Service quality and customer satisfaction of casual dining restaurants in Rinconada
    Repatacodo, Jairo
  15. Brand equity and service quality towards customer loyalty: Basis for customer relationship management framework of travel agencies in Qatar
    Pangan, Abegale G.
  16. Listed companies’ internal control index construction on corporate governance structure and corporate performance: Basis for improved strategic framework
    Ding, Ding