2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 9

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 9

Table of Contents

  1. Organizational culture, organizational commitment and employee performance in private universities: Basis for an effective human resource management
    Li, Jiangang
  2. Activity diversification, agile mindset approach, and information technology management: Basis for operational strategies for green building consultancy firm
    Calma, Sony T.
  3. Job stress, job burnout and turnover intention among employees in logistics enterprises in China: Basis for employee retention strategy framework
    Chen, Yu
  4. Perceived organizational support, psychological empowerment and employees’ job performance: Inputs for business management improvement model in internet enterprises
    Zhang, Yan
  5. Employee job satisfaction, job performance and organizational commitment: Inputs to strategic HR development plan
    Luo, Jianfen
  6. Job involvement, job satisfaction and organizational commitment among university teachers in China: Basis for strategic job productivity framework
    Jiang, Yuping
  7. Job self-efficacy, professional development and career satisfaction among women managers in China: Basis for employee retention framework
    Ye, Chunliang
  8. Competitive advantage, strategic management practices, and business sustainability: Inputs to business competency framework
    Llave, Airis Jane
  9. Enterprise management, enterprise culture and production process on product quality in the food industry: Basis for product quality continuous improvement framework
    Song, Jian
  10. GSCM practices, financial and environmental performance of food industries in China: Basis for sustainable supply chain management framework
    Xu, Nairu
  11. Entrepreneurial capacity, teaching delivery mode, and entrepreneurial learning: Basis for entrepreneurship program development framework
    Ye, Jiayu
  12. Professional development, employee motivation and work commitment: Basis for human resource development plan
    Li, Bin
  13. Perceived risk, purchase intention, and purchase behavior in internet financial products
    Yang, Qianyun
  14. Corporate social responsibility practice, corporate ethics and corporate performance of Nanjing Iron and Steel Company: Basis for corporate performance framework for steel industries
    Wang, Tian