Makabagong istratehiya sa pagtuturo ng akademikong Filipino: Pagsilip sa bagong kadawyan

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 5

Available Online:  7 February 2022


Gile, Ianne
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Certiza, Melbert
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Medez, Mia
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Aniag, Elizabeth
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Gelilio, Eric*
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines
Sorsogon State University, Philippines
Gallanosa National High School, Philippines (


In abundance of the pandemic, it had a major impact that signaled various methods to promote education, including modern strategies for teaching Filipino academia; peek into the new kadawyan, in elementary and secondary. Quantitative research was used to identify modern strategies in teaching academic Filipino, and to express the perseverance of teachers to be able to share quality education with students despite the obstacles posed by pandemic and technical problems in modern technology and even the ever-changing offerings of local and national laws and regulations related to health protocols in response to the health care of the Filipino people. According to the DOH, there are Health Protocols that we must follow to prevent the said COVID-19 which has caused major changes in our society. To discover and share the importance and usefulness of innovative strategies, the researchers used a Google form to disseminate a survey to be able to compile and analyze and continuously determine what the innovative teaching strategies really are. academic Filipino. Each result shows that of the 15 elementary and secondary teachers, each teacher has his or her own method of promoting the implementation of education despite the pandemic. The modular method of learning the lessons has (0.9%) indicating that it is one of the more effective strategies in teaching academic Filipino. Lack of equipment (1.05%) stated that it affects teaching. In presenting the problem, wants to expand more and give enough attention and focus to the methods that should be performed properly to make it easier for each student and teacher to learn in the time faced by the majority.

Keywords: modular learning lessons, lack of equipment, strategies, Filipino, new normal



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Gile, I., Certiza, M., Medez, M., Aniag, E., & Gelilio, E. (2022). Makabagong istratehiya sa pagtuturo ng akademikong Filipino: Pagsilip sa bagong kadawyan. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(5), 1-7.

*Corresponding Author