The potential of integrating social media as a learning tool among international graduate students in Beijing

2016 IJRSET – Volume 5 Issue 1


Kayange, Jimmy Jaston
Beijing Normal University, China (

Msiska, Masauko*
Beijing Normal University, China (


The study aimed at exploring social media usage by international graduate students in the faculty of education at a university in Beijing. The rationale was to find out how students use social media and the challenges associated with such media usage. This would help educators to effectively integrate social media in learning. The study found that students use social media to get social support, to collaborate on academic work and to share necessary information pertaining to their course work. The study also found that social media give equal voice to students unlike in the face to face discussions. The study further found that it is difficult to access some of the social media platforms. Again, it was found that social media reduces interpersonal skills, compromises one’s academic performance and allows abuse by some users.

Keywords: academic; theory of connectivism; media platform; Wechat



*Corresponding Author