ICT for post-2015 education: An analysis of access and inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa

2016 IJRSET – Volume 5 Issue 2


Tsegay, Samson Maekele*
Beijing Normal University, China (Samex221@gmail.com)


The study focuses on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for post-2015 education in sub-Saharan Africa, by examining the current conditions and future trends of ICT and its integration in education. Through secondary data and semi-structured interview, it is mainly centered on the question whether Sub-Saharan Africa could ensure “access and inclusion” by 2030. The study indicated that the current low development of ICT interweaved with the socio-economic and political conditions of sub-Saharan Africa could be a challenge to ensure all girls and boys to have access to connected digital devices and relevant and responsive digital learning environment by 2030. However, there is a glimpse of hope that, with the increasing commitment of many countries and technological revolution of the world, few countries might achieve the goal. The study could be used for shaping the policy of developing countries in dealing with the development of ICT and its application in social services with particular emphasis in education.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technology; post-2015 education; sub-Saharan Africa; access; inclusive education


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrset.2016.1447

*Corresponding Author