The effect of video materials on EFL learners’ oral production: A task-based approach

2016 IJRSET – Volume 5 Issue 2


Fazilatfar, Ali Mohammad
Yazd University, Iran (

Mohebbi, Leila*
Yazd University, Iran (

Modrek, Mahdi
Najfabad University- Esfahan, Iran (


It has been frequently suggested that Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) can help learners improve their oral proficiency and tasks have a definite influence on the extent to which learners are engaged in negotiations. These views stimulate researcher to examine the effects of subtitled video tasks on language production of EFL learners. The present study investigated whether exposure to foreign language under different computerized task conditions had a differential impact on the improvement of learners’ speaking in terms of fluency and accuracy after exposure to a curriculum with subtitled video tasks. This study was conducted on two groups each included 12 learners who were studying in Zaban Gostar language institute of Yazd. Participants were screened for their overall oral proficiency using placement test and interview then, placed at pre-intermediate level. The first group was provided with tasks without subtitle video but the second group with subtitled video tasks which they watched before doing the task. While doing the tasks, their voices were recorded and transcribed by the researcher to be analyzed. Analyzing these data showed that the learners did not produce more fluent and more accurate language when provided with the subtitled video tasks than those who were not provided with them. This study has some implications for language practitioners to design more effective materials for their language classrooms by using computerized tasks.

Keywords: Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL); task; subtitle; accuracy; fluency



*Corresponding Author