2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 6, Issue Number 2
April 2017

Table of Contents

Language Research

  1. Perceptions of vocabulary teaching methods among EFL teachers
    Bouirane, Ahlam
  2. The relationship between novice and experienced EFL teachers’ critical thinking ability and their successful teaching
    Beizaee, Anahita; Akbari, Omid
  3. Dogme ELT: What do teachers and students think?
    Coşkun, Abdullah

Language Resource

  1. Teaching speaking skills at Sudanese schools: Teachers’ perceptions
    Ahmed, Sami Hussein A.
  2. Towards re-defining communication skills courses at Sokoine University of Agriculture: Lessons from selected African universities
    Komba, Sotco Claudius; Mohamed, Hashim Issa
  3. Changing paradigms in teaching English pronunciation: A historical overview
    Afshari, Sajad; Ketabi, Saeed
  4. Current trends and future directions in teaching English pronunciation
    Afshari, Sajad; Ketabi, Saeed

Language Briefs

  1. The effect of product-based and process-based teaching on writing efficiency of Iranian EFL learners
    Jouzdani, Mani; Biria, Reza; Mohammadi, Majid