Dogme ELT: What do teachers and students think?

2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 2


Coşkun, Abdullah*
Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey (


The aim of this study is to reveal what English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers and their students think about Dogme ELT (English Language Teaching) described as “…a different way of being a teacher” (Meddings & Thornbury, 2009, p. 21). Three university EFL teachers and their students (N=38) took part in the study. The teachers were first informed about the general principles of Dogme ELT using relevant articles, activities and videos of sample lessons. Each teacher then developed and presented an experimental lesson in line with the principles of Dogme ELT. At the end of these lessons, both teachers and their students were given surveys aiming to reveal their opinions about Dogme ELT. The analysis of their responses led to the conclusion that although a few of the participants expressed their concerns about Dogme ELT, it was generally perceived positively. Therefore, it is suggested that Dogme ELT should be integrated to the mainstream EFL programs.

Keywords: Dogme ELT; English as a Foreign Language



*Corresponding Author