The effect of product-based and process-based teaching on writing efficiency of Iranian EFL learners

2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 2


Jouzdani, Mani*
Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Iran (

Biria, Reza
Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Iran (

Mohammadi, Majid
University of Isfahan, Iran (


Writing in English has been a major topic of interest for the researchers in the last decade. Learners, who are learning English as a foreign language have always tackled with the problem of writing. There have been many investigations conducted in this regard, all of which proposed various solutions to this problem. In the present study it was endeavored to investigate whether teaching based on product and process writing can affect the performance and efficiency of Iranian EFL learners in writing. In order to achieve this goal, a group of intermediate and teenage learners were instructed based on product and process orientation to writing and the writing assignments in each group were corrected and an inter-rater rating system was used through which the assignments were corrected by two rates, who were experienced EFL teachers, as the last phase of the study a retrospective think-aloud procedure was conducted and the learners provided their opinion on the product and process writing. The results proved that the scores of the writing assignments based on process writing were higher than those of product-writing, therefore it was concluded that process-based teaching of writing had positive effects on improving the writing efficiency of learners.

Keywords: EFL learners; inter-rater; product-writing; process-writing; retrospective think-aloud procedure



*Corresponding Author