Current trends and future directions in teaching English pronunciation

2017 IJRSLL – Volume 6 Issue 2


Afshari, Sajad*
University of Isfahan, Iran (

Ketabi, Saeed
University of Isfahan, Iran (


Though pronunciation pedagogy went through drastic fluctuations until mid-1980s, since then the overall attitude towards its role and instructional prominence as a potent and essential communicative element has remained consistent. Developing functional intelligibility, communicability, increased self-confidence, the development of speech monitoring abilities and speech modification strategies for use beyond the classroom have been its the main goals. Nowadays, pronunciation pedagogy seems to be adopting a more humanistic orientation by taking into consideration some affective variables derived from psychology and neuro-linguistics programming (NLP). This paper emphasizes the need for teaching pronunciation to gain full communicative competence and the importance of incorporating the findings of other disciplines, such as psychology, NLP, technology as well as socio-psychological issues including identity, ego boundary or interpersonal relationships in pronunciation teaching.

Keywords: pronunciation pedagogy; intelligibility; current trends



*Corresponding Author