2024 IJRSM – Volume 12 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 12, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

  1. Organizational culture, knowledge sharing and employee innovative performance: Basis for machine manufacturing industry organizational learning framework
    Bin, Lyu
  2. Digital finance services, customer relations and customer satisfaction: Basis for financial industry customer relationship management framework
    Fu, Guanghui
  3. Supply chain agility, supplier synergy and information sharing on supplier performance: Basis for supplier relationship management framework
    Chen, Qian
  4. Company innovation, technology development and service strategies of service companies in China: Basis for enhanced customer service framework
    Guo, Yangang
  5. Quality of work life, burnout, and psychological capital of human resource practitioners
    Luistro, Erika Jean A.
  6. Corporate social responsibility, corporate social performance and organizational ethics: Basis for enhanced ecotourism framework
    Dong, Hongyan
  7. Professional skills development, incentive programs, and employee collaborations: Basis for talent management framework
    Lin, Shengli
  8. Technological upgrading, supply chain cooperation and market demand: Basis for manufacturing enterprises competitiveness framework
    Qu, Le
  9. Dynamic capability, value co-creation and business model innovation of elderly care service companies: Basis for performance improvement framework
    Wang, Fengyun
  10. New product development practices, marketing performance and financial performance of health management industries: Basis for financial success drivers’ framework
    Ni, Chunmei
  11. Self-efficacy, information communications technology integration and attitudes in online teaching: Basis for improved work performance framework
    Ma, Mingyu
  12. Organizational equity, employee productivity and work life balance: Basis for employee engagement framework in public university
    Yu, Qinyi
  13. Organizational citizenship behavior, team performance and organizational performance: Basis for human resource management framework for Chinese public vocational colleges
    Yang, Yanli
  14. Information technology capability, digital transformation strategy and digital innovation performance: Basis for digital transformation development framework
    Zhu, Xiang