2024 IJRSLL – Volume 10 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning
Volume 10, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

  1. Constructivist learning environment, learning style preference, and language ability of Chinese college EFL learners
    Chu, Jinjin
  2. Learning autonomy, social support and English learning adaptability: Basis for improving English learning for university students
    Wang, Lirong
  3. Second language motivational self-system, self-regulatory capacities and behavioral engagement: A proposal of an enhanced language learning program
    Zhang, Jing
  4. Metacognitive listening awareness, language learning strategies, and reading comprehension among Chinese EFL learners
    Sun, Xiaoyan
  5. Achievement goal orientation, classroom support, and language learning motivation among Chinese University EFL students: Foundations for constructing an integrated language learning framework
    Yu, Junli
  6. Self-regulated smart learning environment, classroom engagement and intercultural communicative competence of EFL students in China
    Su, Dongxia
  7. School environment, cooperative learning and English language deep learning strategy among Chinese college students
    Li, Haiyan
  8. Topic familiarity, syntactic maturity, and lexical competence of Chinese college non-English majors in EFL writing
    Fu, Bo; Caiga, Beverly T.
  9. Academic English writing metacognition, behavioral engagement, and competence development among post-graduate students of Chinese agricultural universities
    Meng, Jing; Caiga, Beverly T.
  10. Written corrective feedback, mobile-assisted language learning utilization, and syntactic competence among Chinese sport majors
    Ke, Tian