2024 IJRSE – Volume 13 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 13, Issue Number 3

Table of Contents

  1. Employability of US Work and Travel (WAT) participants among tourism and hospitality management graduates
    Felicen, Sevillia S.
  2. Self-confidence and academic performance in hybrid clinical dentistry
    Borbon, Niña Fatimah D.
  3. Adaptation and usability of learning management system to the new normal dental education
    Borbon, Niña Fatimah D.; Bautista, Venus H.
  4. Assessment of the knowledge and attitude of dentistry students in teledentistry in dental education
    Maderazo, Jennifer; Garcia, Maria Concepcion; Geron, Rosabelle; Asis, Nikka Angela
  5. Assessing dental students’ attitudes towards the dental care of the underserved in community
    Borbon, Niña Fatimah D.; Bicol, Sharmaine Marie G.
  6. Motives of dentistry students for gift-giving
    Maderazo, Jennifer; Pena, Angelika Dyann; Bicol, Sharmaine Marie; Pesigan, Elvie
  7. Chinese middle school student’s interest and attitude in mathematics
    Fang, Lian
  8. Digital media literacy, experiences and cultivation among Chinese vocational college students
    Zhao, Jing
  9. Technological management framework for gas chemical industry using IOT
    Wu, Hao; Juanatas, Ronaldo A.
  10. Parental involvement and natural education environment
    Zhang, Feng Jie
  11. Challenges, effectiveness and sustainability of educational programs in Chinese universities: Basis for continuous improvement plan
    Zhong, Qi
  12. Entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial intention of college students: Basis for entrepreneurial competency framework
    Li, Peibin
  13. Employability skills, employability readiness and skills building: Basis for student workforce employability framework
    Pang, Meng
  14. Change management strategies and organizational effectiveness in Chinese universities
    Yang, Jia Xun