2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 8

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 8

Table of Contents

  1. Organizational equity, job performance and turnover intention among teachers in Chinese private universities: Based on employee retention framework
    Xu, Zhifeng
  2. Access mechanism, good governance and assessment process of private enterprise in construction industry in China: Basis for process improvement framework
    Zhai, Rongbing
  3. Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction and job performance among teaching personnel of one state university in CALABARZON: Inputs to human resource management framework
    Manalo, Ma. Conception P.
  4. Teacher career goals, burnout and teacher job performance in universities: Basis for improved work performance framework
    Liu, Yiming
  5. Short video advertising, emotional response and consumer trust: Input to enhance marketing strategies framework
    Wang, Heyang
  6. Marketing strategy, customer satisfaction and business performance of one automobile manufacturer in China: Basis for customer loyalty framework
    Ji, Zhihao
  7. Entrepreneurial capability, start-up strategies and challenges among start-up entrepreneurs in China: Basis for business viability framework
    Shou, Han
  8. Implementation of Republic Act 9184 otherwise known as the “Government Procurement Reform Act” in the Province of Batangas: Basis for enhancement
    Maneja, Paulita M.; Tamayo, Ma. Rosario B.
  9. Strategic capability, financial management practices, and human resource management of SMEs in China: Basis for improved HRM framework for SMEs
    Zhang, Yong
  10. The effect of outstanding manager’s stock trading ability, fund management ability and tenure on investors’ preference base on enhanced full-chain management model
    Liu, Bolun
  11. Corporate values, ethical leadership and social responsibility practices in mature SME’s in China: Basis for enhanced ethical leadership practices
    Tang, Lixia
  12. Entrepreneurship qualities, dynamic capability and innovation performance of enterprises: Basis for strategic business performance framework
    Cheng, Xiadong
  13. Psychological capital, job involvement and innovative behavior among employees in high tech enterprises in China: Inputs to employee innovation performance framework
    Dong, Haiyan
  14. Transformational leadership, corporate social responsibility and service innovation among catering enterprises in China: Basis for sustainable catering service strategy
    Liu, Lu