2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 13

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 13

Table of Contents

  1. Implementation of PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. plan 2030 in one police provincial office
    Salang, Alfie M.
  2. Effectiveness of primary health care services in one municipality in the Province of Batangas
    Urbano, Den Den V.; Tamayo, Ma. Rosario B.
  3. Innovation system, supply chain management and government subsidies: basis for sustainable development framework for energy vehicle industry
    Liu, Dujuan
  4. Refinement system, market competitiveness and innovation capability: Inputs to small medium enterprises high-quality development framework
    Ren, Xiaobin
  5. Business processes, internal control systems and business performance: Basis for sustainable business operation framework
    Manongsong, Jiexel L.
  6. Organizational support, psychological capital and organizational ethical climate: Inputs to human resource management framework
    Wu, Guowei
  7. Employee sense of achievement, organizational support, and job satisfaction: Basis for improve work engagement
    Zheng, Xiaokang
  8. Augmented reality and virtual reality on digital marketing effectiveness: Basis for manufacturing digital marketing framework
    Wang, Xi
  9. Organizational learning, leadership style and knowledge management in enterprises: Basis for innovation performance improvement
    Yang, Yufeng
  10. Job satisfaction, work engagement and work life balance of public university teachers in Shandong Province: Basis for teachers’ human resource framework
    Wei, Hongbing
  11. Airport service satisfaction and experience in Leyte: Basis for airport service and facilities improvement
    Daya, Nathaniel
  12. E-commerce practitioners’ work motivation, well-being and job performance: Basis for work environment support framework
    Yu, Ren
  13. Conceptual assessment on service quality, food safety and sanitation practices of Casual Dining Restaurants (CDR): A proposal of an enhanced customer-based brand equity framework
    Sarmiento, Fhamela F.; Apritado, Jennie Margaret M.