Airport service satisfaction and experience in Leyte: Basis for airport service and facilities improvement

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 13

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Daya, Nathaniel
Graduate School, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines (


An airport terminal facilitates passengers’ travel from land to air. This study examines the influences of airport service quality in terms of airport terminal tangible facilities, service reliability, responsiveness of physical structure, safety assurance, and spatial empathy on the passenger’s overall airport experience as to the level of agreement on satisfaction, airport reuse, and destination revisit.  The survey was conducted among 380 inbound and outbound passengers and employed a descriptive research method to determine the level of agreement of passengers, and to measure the relationship between airport service quality and their overall airport experience. Results indicate that the majority of the respondents are female, between the ages of 21 and 35 years old, traveling with family and friends.  There were no substantial differences in responses on the overall airport experience when compared according to the respondent’s profile. Moreover, results imply a significant relationship between airport services and overall airport experience. The majority of respondents generally agree that airport security was visible and helpful, and they would utilize this airport again if they were to fly from or to Leyte. Some of the proposed recommendations of this study include improving internet connectivity, providing service-related training among service employees, and adding more comfortable seats.  Further research can be conducted at an airport facility with a more diversified passenger profile, as the respondents of this study are all Filipino citizens in a domestic airport setting.

Keywords: airport terminal, service quality, destination revisit, satisfaction, airport reuse



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Daya, N. (2023). Airport service satisfaction and experience in Leyte: Basis for airport service and facilities improvement. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(13), 139-152.