TORCH: An instructional model from FS praxis

2018 IJRSE – Volume 7 Issue 2


Montebon, Darryl Roy T.*
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Calamlam, Josephine M.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Varela, Leonora P.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (


Field study courses provide significant experiences for pre-service teachers to prepare them to take on the challenges of performing the different roles of a teacher. In the university where the present research is conducted, the field experiences are included in the course Practice Teaching 1 which is made up of field study courses to meet the requirements of the teacher education curriculum in the Philippines. The present research is an attempt to innovate an instructional model that is seen to assist the supervising instructors of the different teacher education institution in the Philippines. The designed instructional model is anchored on the different activities implemented by the experts in supervising the field study courses at the university where the present research is conducted. The designed instructional model has an acronym TORCH that stands for the different stages at which the instruction would proceed.

Keywords: TORCH for field study; field experiences instructional model; field study; Philippines; research methodology



*Corresponding Author