The impact of small group interaction on learners’ grammatical accuracy achievement

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 2


Assia, Baghdadi*
University of M’sila, Algeria (

Said, Keskes
University of Sétif, Algeria (


In an attempt to investigate the impact of small group interaction on EFL learners’ grammatical accuracy achievement, methodological field experiments had been carried out with a sample of 30 students over a period of ten weeks of regular lectures in the Department of English, in one of the Algerian Universities. The obtained results indicated that learners’ interaction and cooperation had a positive effect on EFL learners’ achievement. And in order to scrutinize the existence and the frequency of the speech functions that might account for this effectiveness, a qualitative and a quantitative study had been conducted through the adoption of the Interaction Analysis Method. The results showed that within a cooperative learning context, factors such as the group size; the nature of the interaction; the learner’s role within the small group, and the type of the task-based grammatical structure had an influential effect on EFL learners’ grammar performance.

Keywords: grammar learning; interaction analysis; small group; group dynamics; task-based activity



*Corresponding Author