2020 IJRSE – Volume 9 Issue 4

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 9, Issue Number 4

Table of Contents

  1. Evolving international academic exchanges: The shifting cross-strait university practices between Taiwan and China
    Chou, Chuing Prudence; Ching, Gregory S.
  2. Evangelical poverty, core teaching in the life and spirituality of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz, priest and founder
    Candiasan, Mark Ceasar; Del Castillo, Fides
  3. Language and society in text: Ahmed Yerima’s Pari
    Adebola, Adebileje; Daniel, Florence
  4. Seeing the invisible: Extracting signs of depression and suicidal ideation from college students’ writing using LIWC a computerized text analysis
    Lumontod, Robinson Z., III
  5. A study on the relationship between academic adjustment and global mobility of foreign students in Taiwan
    Huang, Chin-Yi; Lin, Shih-Ling
  6. The frequency of practice of the Catholic social teaching and Sta. Teresa college core values: Development of Teresian core values assessment scale
    Rosales, Renniel Jayson Jacinto
  7. Examining teacher preparation and on-the-job experience: The gap of theory and practice
    Opoku, Ernest; Sang, Guoyuan; Liao, Wei
  8. Curriculum of entrepreneurship for business graduates at university level: A model for competencies based curricula
    Hina, Khushbakht; Khalique, Muhammad