2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 2

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 6, Issue Number 2

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. Can parents’ homework assigned compensate for disadvantaged students’ learning achievement in Mainland China?
    Zhao, Ningning; Valcke, Martin; Desoete, Annemie; Verhaeghe, Jean Pierre
  2. Every child: In school and in class, every day and on time
    Makwinya, Noel Mark
  3. Towards improving the supervision of postgraduate students in Tanzanian higher learning institutions
    Komba, Sotco Claudius; Chiwamba, Sarah Vincent
  4. Investigating the insiders’ perspectives about dynamic assessment process and practicality
    Adokh, Hadi; Rafiee, Marzieh
  5. The reflective writing continuum: Re-conceptualizing Hatton & Smith’s types of reflective writing
    Rivera, Roja
  6. Tracing the science education graduates
    Evangelista, Eden V.; Morales, Marie Paz E.

Educational Resources

  1. Identification of teachers’ problems in Indonesia on facing global community
    Sulisworo, Dwi; Nasir, Rahmad; Maryani, Ika
  2. Engaging undergraduates with research to promote cumulative learning
    Connor, Andy M.