Identification of teachers’ problems in Indonesia on facing global community

2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 2


Sulisworo, Dwi*
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (

Nasir, Rahmad
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (

Maryani, Ika
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (


A quality teacher is one who has a positive effect on student learning and development through a combination of content mastery, command of a broad set of pedagogic skills, and communications/ interpersonal skills. The perception toward the teacher’s vital role in the success of learning is reasonable as, in case there is an insufficient learning facility, we do still have a hope if the teacher has standard competence to do so. At least three problems of teachers faced by Indonesia, i.e. teacher quality, teacher welfare, and teacher politicization This paper is a deductive and inductive descriptive analysis writing using secondary data from literature. A number of facts related to teachers are then analyzed qualitatively to gain comprehensive descriptive of teachers’ condition in Indonesia. The teachers’ quality as one of education problems is influenced by many factors. To deal with this, the authority needs to keep socializing all standards of regulations out teacher’s qualification and competence, to build teachers’ self-awareness to always develop their ability and skills through workshops, education qualification upgrade, and independent learning to enhance their quality of teaching. Teacher’s welfare is one of motivation to boost teachers’ quality and performance to improve and to better the quality of education development in Indonesia. To overcome this problem, the government should attempt to eliminate problems of big wealthy gap and injustice rights among the teachers with different wages, to increase stipend for honorary teachers who’s under minimum regional payment, and to realize other teacher’s allowances on time. Teacher politicization problem is unavoidable since it is realistic effect of regional autonomy practice and education decentralization policy. The teachers are used by the local ruler for their political interest. Or reversely the teachers take advantages of the political situation to get compensation or certain political benefits.

Keywords: economic community; education; globalization; teacher; welfare



*Corresponding Author