The reflective writing continuum: Re-conceptualizing Hatton & Smith’s types of reflective writing

2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 2


Rivera, Roja*
University of the Philippines – Open University, Philippines (


This paper presents the Reflective Writing Continuum (RWC), which is a reconceptualization of Hatton and Smith’s (1995) reflective writing framework. The RWC is developed from the evaluation of 125 eJournals made by 25 distance education learners in the University of the Philippines – Open University’s (UPOU) undergraduate education studies and teacher preparation programs. The eJournals were analyzed using collaborative content analysis that initially utilized Hatton and Smith’s Types of Reflective Writing. However, the attempts to apply the definitions and categorizations of the typology in the analysis of the reflective writings have indicated a need for some reconceptualization of Hatton & Smith’s reflective writing framework. To make the classification more specific, a spectrum of subcategories of reflective writing types was created. This led to the development of the RWC. With its detailed descriptions and categories, the RWC provides educators and learners a new framework to evaluate and improve reflective outputs.

Keywords: reflection; reflective writing; reflective writing framework; reflective learning; teacher education



*Corresponding Author