2016 IJRSE – Volume 5 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 5, Issue Number 3
July 2016

Table of Contents

Educational Research

  1. School principals’ collaborative leadership style and relation it to teachers’ self-efficacy
    Arbabi, Abdolhamid; Mehdinezhad, Vali
  2. Motivational dimension of willingness to communicate in L2: The impacts of criterion measure, ideal L2 self, family influence, and attitudes to L2 culture
    Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh; Eishabadi, Najmeh; Rostami, Soroor
  3. A critical view of educational research in China over 20 years: A content analysis of the journal of Educational Research
    Wang, Hong
  4. Exploring gender disparities in science and mathematics classrooms in the basic education
    Morales, Marie Paz E.; Avilla, Ruel A.; Espinosa, Allen A.
  5. Whole brain teaching in the Philippines: Teaching strategy for addressing motivation and academic performance
    Torio, Von Anthony G.; Cabrillas-Torio, Myla Zenaida
  6. Challenges of writing theses and dissertations among postgraduate students in Tanzanian higher learning institutions
    Komba, Sotco Claudius
  7. How do students succeed in national college entrance examination (Gao-kao) in China: A qualitative study
    Tsegay, Samson Maekele; Ashraf, Muhammad Azeem
  8. A phenomenographic inquiry on the concept of competence among Filipino teachers
    Abulon, Edna Luz; Balagtas, Marilyn