Challenges of writing theses and dissertations among postgraduate students in Tanzanian higher learning institutions

2016 IJRSE – Volume 5 Issue 3


Komba, Sotco Claudius*
Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania (


This study sought to investigate challenges of writing theses and dissertations among postgraduate students. A total of 103 research reports, including 39 theses and 64 dissertations from three universities in Tanzania, were reviewed. The findings indicated that the majority (more than 50%) of the candidates, whose theses and dissertations were reviewed, faced numerous challenges in writing their theses and dissertations. The candidates seemed to have challenges in writing all chapters which were included in their research reports. The challenges included inappropriateness in presenting different chapters of the reports and lack of academic writing skills. Based on the findings of this study, it is recommended, among others, that research methods courses offered in the universities should be reviewed in terms of contents and teaching approaches in order to overcome the challenges as portrayed by the candidates in the reviewed theses and dissertations.

Keywords: challenges; writing theses and dissertations; higher learning institutions; Tanzania



*Corresponding Author