2015 IJRSET – Volume 4 Issue 1

International Journal of Research Studies in Educational Technology
Volume 4, Issue Number 1

Table of Contents

Educational Technology Research

  1. The role of traffic’s television teasers on reducing driving accidents
    Hassanzadeh, Mina; Mahajer, Yahya; Sharifan, Ahmad
  2. The effect of smart school programs on EFL reading comprehension in an academic context
    Rostami, Soroor; Akbari, Omid; Ghanizadeh, Afsaneh
  3. Intentional vs. incidental vocabulary learning through games by young EFL Persian speakers
    Alipour Madarsara, Fatemeh; Youhanaee, Manije; Barati, Hossein; Nasirahmadi, Arman
  4. The affordances of screen capture technology for retrospective analysis of the writing process
    Sabbaghan, Soroush; Maftoon, Parviz
  5. A survey on the subject-verb agreement in Google machine translation
    Bozorgian, Mojtaba; Azadmanesh, Nematollah
  6. Attitudes toward using the Internet for language learning: A case of Iranian English teachers and learners
    Kia Heirati, Javad; Ahmadi Alashti, Leila