The role of traffic’s television teasers on reducing driving accidents

2015 IJRSET – Volume 4 Issue 1


Hassanzadeh, Mina*
Islamic Azad University, South branch, Tehran, Iran (

Mahajer, Yahya
Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran (

Sharifan, Ahmad
College of Statistics and Bioinformatics Institute of Sanjesh Organization, Iran (


A descriptive survey method was used to determine the relationship between traffic’s television teasers and reducing driving accidents. For this purpose, from target statistical population (traffic officers and citizens of district 2 of Tehran), 70 traffic officers and 140 citizens that were resident in three different zones (high-, middle- and low income housing zones) were selected by cluster random sampling as research sample. Data needed for study was collected by using questionnaires that had content validity and internal consistency. To analyze data Chi-squared and ColmogrophSmirnoph tests were applied. The results were shown that traffic’s teasers have had moderate effect on driving accidents and relatively have been effective in promoting the manner of drivers’ driving.

Keywords: traffic’s television teasers; accidents; traffic officers; citizens; Tehran



*Corresponding Author